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29 Sep Recovery MCO – Yay, Let’s get married now !
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cover image - Mira Filzah Instagram @mfmirafilzahAttention : Beware of the “Durian Runtuh” pricesTo date, how many wedding invitations have you attended? I had a few and more are coming ahead. What about yours? Is it your family members or your close friend are getting married soon? When it comes to..
25 Aug Merdeka Series : Congrats Malaysian - For a Better Malaysia
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Have you wondered ‘Did I contribute something for my own country Malaysia?’ Yes, you did! Let’s figure it out what you’ve done.MCO bring Malaysian togetherI know 2020 is such a tough year since Covid-19 begin. It took the whole nation to fight against this pandemic and here you are playing your role..
24 Jul Lipstick - Which colour suit you ?
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Source : @nitacosmetic InstagramHey girl! It’s been a long time since our last post. Today I would like to share some tips in choosing shades of lipstick. When it comes to make-up, first thing that came out of our mind is lipstick. By putting some colour to the lips, it’s definitely making a huge di..
18 Jun Why Online Shopping ? Shop At Midnight While In Your Pyjamas
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Before I tell you more about online shopping, I am pretty sure everyone who is reading this love to online shopping so same goes to me. Why online shopping?? It’s 2020 meh even the groceries also can buy online now. Whatever we want now is here. So there are a few best things about why online shoppi..
14 Jun Have We Already Won?
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The series of MCO, CMCO Little did we know, we are going to go through those phases because of the Covid-19 pandemic. So many things happened in the past 4 months. The world changed, the economic change, did we change? I don't know, that's up to us to evaluate. Let's recap what has happened during t..
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A whole new RamadanWithout us realize, today marked 16 days of Ramadan. This year Ramadan is totally different from the previous years. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, we are not allowed to hold mass gathering hence there is no Ramadan baazar and Terawih prayer at the mosque to practice social distancing...
31 Mar Qasreena Farewell Blog Series #9 – We are surviving
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A thank you note last JanuaryFor those who have been following, reading and wishing us good luck through our thank you note last January, I wanted to thank again because giving us chance to survive till this date. Last time, I’ve been telling you that we are going to pursue on a new journey and this..
26 Mar Qasreena Care 3.0 – RMO extended, stay productive!!!
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RMO – Extended to April 14Yesterday, the Prime Minister has announced that Restriction Movement Order (RMO) extended for another two weeks which estimated to last this April 14. This extension has been expected by many as the cases and deaths are increasing. Looking from what China did, they impleme..
25 Mar Qasreena Care 2.0 – Qasreena X Dalgona Coffee
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Restriction Movement Order (RMO) – Stay at homeTo date, its already 8 days of RMO and we hope you are still doing well. Number of cases and deaths are increasing but what matter most for us is to keep our sanity. Do what we can do by staying at home, practice social distancing, avoid spreading fake ..
23 Mar Qasreena Farewell Blog Series #8 – A special shout out to Naura Clique!!!
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Naura Cardigan – A problem solverWhat is your must have fashion item? For me, I would say cardigan. Being a women, you need to have one solution for everything. When in rush, pair your shirt with cardigan. A mother with kids, don’t let your messy look ruin your mood for the whole day.An overwhelming..
19 Mar Qasreena Care – [Covid 19] Be a responsible citizen, together we unite !
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Qasreena Farewell Sales from RM 20 to RM 89 – Shop online while at home.Covid 19 – Take this issue seriously.Due to Covid 19 outbreak, government has implemented the Movement Control Order in order to prevent the virus from being spread tremendously. This action has forced all Malaysian to stay at h..
13 Mar Qasreena Farewell Blog Series #7 - Bride vs Bridesmaid?
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Maream Kurung at RM 50!!!The trendBack in the days, the bride will have only one bridesmaid for their special day.  Nowadays, the numbers are growing and somehow become a trend. I thought maybe they want their loved ones to be on their side throughout the wedding and show their appreciation towards ..
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