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Hey girl! It’s been a long time since our last post. Today I would like to share some tips in choosing shades of lipstick. When it comes to make-up, first thing that came out of our mind is lipstick. By putting some colour to the lips, it’s definitely making a huge difference to your face and it’s either you will look great or otherwise. Therefore, it is important for you to choose the exact shade that really suit you. Let’s check out these 3 tips below.

Skin tones

Before we choose our lipstick for the day, first of all we have to know our skin tone. There are a few types of skin tone such as fair or light, medium, tan and deep. Based on the skin tone, we can decide which shade that really suits us and makes us look good.

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Size of lips

Every individual has different size of lips. Some of them might have thin-small or thick-sexy lips. Those who has thin and small lips, they look better with light shades and some glossy or shiny. This can make your lips look fuller. For thick and sexy lips, it is better to choose something dark and matte so that the lips look medium and not too thick.

Match with outfit

Most important before putting colour to your lips you have to make sure the colour is matched with your clothes or hijab. For example, if you wear pink colour blouse you can apply the same colour on your lips such as light pink and it will enhance your look. However, don’t match it too closely with your clothes or hijab. 

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I hope the tips will help you to find the perfect pick for lipstick. Meanwhile, don’t forget to log on to the Qasreena Mall website and check out some nude edition lipstick. There are a few nude shades from famous local brands that suit for everyone. Hurry up and add to cart!

Love ❤

p/s : I know you would differentiate the shades. Woman’s power!