Before I tell you more about online shopping, I am pretty sure everyone who is reading this love to online shopping so same goes to me. Why online shopping?? It’s 2020 meh even the groceries also can buy online now. Whatever we want now is here. So there are a few best things about why online shopping compared to offline.

It save time

Yes, I know a few people among us doesn’t want to waste their time for shopping. With online shopping you can save time. Why? You don’t need to drive to the stores to purchase what you want plus you don’t need to face traffic jammed. Online shopping can save your time so much because you simply log in into the website from your laptop or your smartphone. Browse and select whatever you want in there as simple as abc right? Hehehe

No Crowds

Everyone seems to hates crowded places just like I do. So I prefer online shopping more because I don’t need to go to crowded places because it makes me feel uncomfortable then I can't focus on buying. Besides that, I don’t need to battle for parking place even they have parking area specifically for lady’s but then again you’re not the only one who’s looking for that unless if you want to use the valet parking service. However, think again dear, it cost your money. By doing it online, you don’t need to face those kind of things. So relex....

I hope those points will give you a different perspective on buying offline because most of the common problem we face is the crowd and time we spend at the store. Coming up next - Qasreena Mall will launch soon and please look forward to what we will offer. 

Happy Online Shopping to all of u!! See ya in the next post. Byee..


p/s : Gonna do my next online purchase ????