The series of MCO, CMCO 

Little did we know, we are going to go through those phases because of the Covid-19 pandemic. So many things happened in the past 4 months. The world changed, the economic change, did we change? I don't know, that's up to us to evaluate. Let's recap what has happened during the past 4 months.


Work from home (WFH)

In most developed countries, WFH is a common thing for them, but in Malaysia it is a new thing (for me). For single people, it might not a big deal as we just need to adapt slowly while for working parents it might be tough working with their kids around. They probably end up like that ???? . As for me, I got distracted by my kitchen and my bed!! Arggggh...that's torturing. How about you? Mind to share with me.


 Ramadhan - Not your usual Ramadhan

Let's not talk about having no Ramadhan bazaar because I couldn't relate to it (not a bazaar fan). How about your deed during Ramadhan such as Terawih? I personally think that it is really a big loss if we couldn't perform Terawih as we have so much time at home and being at home didn't drag our energy too much. Most of the times, we've been at ease. Don't you think so?


The Raya celebration

Who's did not have the chance to celebrate with their family? ME!!! (hug tight). I celebrated it with my housemate and I'm not upset about it. (okay,fine..deep down, of course it will be better if I'm with them, but what to do, I didn't ask for it). Most of the people are feeling the same and yes, we're not the only unlucky one guys. No need to be so weak. On the 1st day of Raya, video call was a must right? Starting from morning with your family members and then with your friends (your sekolah rendah, sekolah menengah and the list goes on). Thanks to technology ! What a hectic and productive Raya even on CMCO. #rayatetapraya


Here comes the RMCO - #newnormal

Starting 10th June, interstate travelling is permitted to all Malaysians and many people are so happy about it, but bear in mind that we still need to take full precaution. Use a mask when going to public area and apply your hand sanitizer. Practice social distancing in wherever you are as we still in the battle. It might take years, but always believe that it is for our good sake and the worst will come back again if we take this for granted.


Love ❤


p/s : I'm stuck here. Gonna apply my leave now!