RMO – Extended to April 14

Yesterday, the Prime Minister has announced that Restriction Movement Order (RMO) extended for another two weeks which estimated to last this April 14. This extension has been expected by many as the cases and deaths are increasing. Looking from what China did, they implemented a total lockdown for almost 2 months and it is not possible that we will follow them.

List your things to do – Stay productive

While staying at home, you have plenty of time so list your activities starting from the morning. Here is the list of activities which you can follow ;

Morning ( 7 a.m – 11 a.m )

Make your bed

Light exercise

Take a shower

Make breakfast

Do laundry


Cleaning your living room, bed and bathroom

Rearrange your closet

Noon / evening ( 12 p.m – 6 p.m )

Cook lunch

Having lunch with family

Short nap



Watch Netflix


Evening / Night ( before going to sleep )

Having dinner

Listen to music

Scroll media social

Drink warm milk


These activities will help you occupied throughout RMO. Think this as a therapy and use this time given to reflect yourself more. We can do it and have strength everyone!!!


p/s :  Discipline yourself #stayathome