Restriction Movement Order (RMO) – Stay at home

To date, its already 8 days of RMO and we hope you are still doing well. Number of cases and deaths are increasing but what matter most for us is to keep our sanity. Do what we can do by staying at home, practice social distancing, avoid spreading fake news and frightened other people.

Tik tok viral drink – Dalgona coffee

Currently, there is a drink that went viral through social media called Dalgona coffee. As most people are staying at home now, they interested to make this drink as the needed ingredients are simple and affordable. I tried this too (not during working hours) #workfromhome. Just like its look, the taste is super great!!! Definitely highly recommended and you would not be disappointed. I swear!!! (not an overstatement)

Where is the drink? – Look at the photo above.

That’s the real photo of my Dalgona coffee (okay fine, with some editing) but it does taste good. For those who don’t drink coffee, you can replace it with Milo. I read somewhere that there are a few bitter individuals who criticising others who posted the drinks they made with some bad remarks but you know what QasreenaLover, do what you pleased as long as it doesn’t harm others.

Give it a try and share yours too. We would like to see it!!!!


p/s : I’m addicted. Will do more but after RMO.