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Covid 19 – Take this issue seriously.

Due to Covid 19 outbreak, government has implemented the Movement Control Order in order to prevent the virus from being spread tremendously. This action has forced all Malaysian to stay at home and reduce their indoor routine. Government and private sector mostly are closing down their operation and employees are continuing their work from home.

People is restricted from doing any mass gathering which the experts believe it could rise the risk of infection. Today’s mark the second day of the implementation and a few Malaysian showed some irresponsible attitude. Right after Prime Minister announced the order, Malaysian started to panic buys and using this off period to go back to their hometown.

Please take this order seriously as I am very sure government will not take this decision if the situation is not worsened. Always remember, this precaution takes the whole country to play their roles and being selfish is not the solution. The more the participation to against this, this fastest we can get through this and everything will be back into normal.

Wash your hand and #stayhome

To my fellow Malaysian, wash your hand often and stay at home if there’s no urgency. Together we can do this and go through this ‘nightmare’. Stay safe everyone.


Our physical store is closed starting 18th till 31st March 2020. Our online platform is operating as usual and your order will be proceed after 3 days of your order as our team is working from home to serve you. If you have any issues, kindly reach out to our customer service.