Maream Kurung at RM 50!!!

The trend

Back in the days, the bride will have only one bridesmaid for their special day.  Nowadays, the numbers are growing and somehow become a trend. I thought maybe they want their loved ones to be on their side throughout the wedding and show their appreciation towards their friends.

Having only one makes you contemplate between friends. That’s only my thought. Imagine you have a best friend from every level of your life starting from primary school until work. Every each of them are so precious so logically you might torn to choose among them.  At last you decide to have them all as your bridesmaid. I’m guessing and I might wrong. Feel free to share your thoughts too.

Having them for your special day

Another thing is usually the newlywed will having their wedding photoshoot and the bridesmaid will also be included. Here’s the thing, they need the best pictures and what they wearing play the main roles. The same colour tone for their outfit is the thing that needs to take into consideration and most important is the newlywed must be the centre of attraction.

Sponsor them

Fret not, for our farewell sales we have Maream Kurung which suit your bridesmaids. Come in a few range of colours to choose from, simple design and surely will not overshadow you as the bride.


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