Qasreena Farewell Blog Series #6 - Woman like Man with Baju Melayu!

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Baju Melayu - Epitome of the style during Raya

Hari Raya Aidilfitri in Malaysia is an awaited celebration mostly among the Muslim Malays. Few pairs of new clothes is a must for the special day. Following the Malay tradition, woman will wear baju kurung while man with baju melayu. We always talk about how beautiful woman with their baju kurung but naah don’t forget the man. For me, they look effortless manly with baju melayu.

The exclusivity - Special occasion

Back then, baju melayu used to be worn in daily life, but as time goes by and fashion has evolved, men will wear baju melayu to a special occasion. Comfort may be the reason as now there is a lot of  type of casual clothes for them to wear. Men! feel free to add the reasons in the comment section below.

Effortlessly manly - Get them Baju Melayu!

Some man (not all) don’t ever care about what they going to wear for Raya and they leave it to the experts which is woman (again, not all). The decision maker for Raya mostly are the woman so do your job now. Buy them a pair of baju melayu with low price but great quality from Qasreena. Don’t wait and go to our website now!!!

Love ❤

p/s : Good looking man is based on what they wear not their face. #7 story coming soon.