Shawl Chiffon Printed at RM 35!

Shawl - Brand, no brand

There are so many brands out there selling shawls or normally you called it tudung. Brand or no brand you name it and have you ever think what’s the difference. Some people go for brand, some buy what they can afford, some influenced by the celebrity they saw (they will buy even though it was super expensive).

Expensive - How you measure?

The word expensive is subjective. Some might says it is expensive while some might not. I share to you my perspective as customers and as a marketer. As a customer, I tend to buy just cheaper scarves that you can get from night market for my daily scarf but for special occasion I choose to go for brand and to be honest I easily influenced by the celebrity but in moderate way. My genuine advice is to always know your income limit.

I know some people will question why some brands sell the scarf at high price. You actually pay not only for the scarves but also the advertisement and packaging cost. Nice and well-edited photos you saw on Instagram it all cost.

Customer satisfaction

Scarves is not just about material. It’s also included how the scarves being presented. For me, sometimes we want to feel associate with the brand and those branded scarves serving us more than just scarves. They serve us the sense of belonging and this what attached you to the brand. I’ve experienced buying scarves from the night market and the branded one. They have their own features which suit every stage of social status. What’s matter most here buy what you can afford.

Love ❤ 

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