Dear QasreenaLovers,

Whatever thoughts that you had in mind about Qasreena, we really appreciate and no words to describe those feelings. In order to serve you better we will face some sort of transformation.

2015 - The Baby Step

Our humble journey start during 2015, the time when modest fashion among the Muslim Malays in Malaysia rise and when e-commerce start taking over the consumers.

Our inspiration behind Qasreena is comfort comes first above anything. For sure, there are ups and downs throughout the five years. We were experimenting in so many things including the designs, material chosen and from the flamboyant we learned a lot of things.

The Brand - In The Mind of Consumers

We realized that we need to be in the mind of consumers, not just selling the latest trend in clothing. The word of rebranding seems so terrifying as it took a lot of works. Basically, you need to start from the square one. We took this as a changing which comes from experiences to be better. It is challenging, but we really need that courage to go further and creating a legacy.

An Ending Means A Beginning

There’s a quote saying, “An ending means a beginning” hence we are moving forward based on the root. We are aiming to create personal engagement with customers and be the choice of consumers when it comes to dressing comfortably.

The Backbones

With the new team and your undeniable support, we are hoping to embark on this new journey with strength of mind as success didn’t come through flowery roads.

Please anticipate to our brand-new name, identity and vibrant collection. We will deliver the news from time to time.

Farewell Sales

Hence, do enjoy our farewell sales where you can get the collection starting from RM 9.90 - RM 80.

Till we meet again on a new phase of journeys. Tighten your seat belts and ready for take off !

Love ❤