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29 Sep Recovery MCO – Yay, Let’s get married now !
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cover image - Mira Filzah Instagram @mfmirafilzahAttention : Beware of the “Durian Runtuh” pricesTo date, how many wedding invitations have you attended? I had a few and more are coming ahead. What about yours? Is it your family members or your close friend are getting married soon? When it comes to..
24 Jul Lipstick - Which colour suit you ?
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Source : @nitacosmetic InstagramHey girl! It’s been a long time since our last post. Today I would like to share some tips in choosing shades of lipstick. When it comes to make-up, first thing that came out of our mind is lipstick. By putting some colour to the lips, it’s definitely making a huge di..
27 Jan Qasreena Farewell Blog Series #3 - Skirt & You
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Skirt - The interpretationSkirt portray your personality and your sense in fashion. Some people said it shows your femininity and manner. Whatever thought you have in mind, skirt do have its own charms.Skirt - Midi, maxi, pencil and the lists goes onIf you think skirt doesn’t suit you, think twice. ..
24 Jan Qasreena Farewell Blog Series #2 - How your scarf preference evolve?
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Bawal – The only scarf we knowBack in the 2000, we only have scarf called tudung bawal with plain design and floral stitch. I remember vividly the material used was stiff and it was uncomfortable during sunny days. Then we have instant hijab and people called it tudung sarung. Tudung sarung populari..
05 Apr Tampil Berkeyakinan dengan Belle Palazo by Qasreena
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Assalamualaikum dan Hai semua QasreenaLovers, ???????? Kali ni Mama Reen nak kongsi dengan korang tentang koleksi Belle Palazo dari Qasreena. Sebelum tu, Mama Reen nak share la sikit macam mana fesyen seluar Palazo ni boleh muncul dan jadi trend sekarang. Kemunculan Palazo Palazo mula popular pada h..
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