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Attention : Beware of the “Durian Runtuh” prices

To date, how many wedding invitations have you attended? I had a few and more are coming ahead. What about yours? Is it your family members or your close friend are getting married soon? When it comes to their special day, not only they will busy to prepare all the things, you are not excluded. “What am I going to wear on your big day”?

‘Sedondon’ for the whole family/clan

It’s for the photo !!! We as women ALWAYS know what’s best. From the theme colour, the material and the design, it’s our THANG. The men will always follow (with complaint) but come on..those days didn’t come very often and it is one of the ways we are celebrating the newlyweds. Nevertheless, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Sew it Yourself (S.I.Y)

Looking for ready to wear (RTW) outfit is somewhat burdensome and sometimes it suits only certain people. The best way is by custom made and you only need to searching for the material. Worry about the prices? No problem, you can get your “kain pasang” at affordable price.

We introduce to you a new category on our website, Sew it Yourself (S.I.Y). Now you can have the privilege to choose your own material and design your preferable outfit.

From cotton linen to lace, get your favourite material as low as RM 7.00 – RM 15.00/metre. You won’t regret. We promise you. Head to website now 

Love ❤

p/s : Thinking about buying it for Raya next year. #kurunglace