A whole new Ramadan

Without us realize, today marked 16 days of Ramadan. This year Ramadan is totally different from the previous years. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, we are not allowed to hold mass gathering hence there is no Ramadan baazar and Terawih prayer at the mosque to practice social distancing. As Islam and Ramadan itself taught us to always live our life in moderation and it is pretty safe to say that we are doing it now.

New normal of Ramadan

Even though Bazaar Ramadhan is not allowed, consumers still have another choice which is to buy it online. Ever since this RMO started, food business owner has chosen this method to sell their product and offered delivery service. To be honest, I preferred this kind of way as it is easiest and avoid us from going to crowded places. There are so many businesses implemented online buying in order to minimize the physical contact. Almost everything you can get it online from food, clothes and your essential needs.

Our Ramadan at Qasreena

We would like to thank our dearest QasreenaLovers for giving us your support by purchasing our collection. Most of the collection is sold out now and we are preparing to embark on something new. Some of you might realize that we made a few changes in our website and please looking forward to other changes too.

p/s : The changes are for the better of Qasreena. Wish us luck.