Have you wondered ‘Did I contribute something for my own country Malaysia?’ Yes, you did! Let’s figure it out what you’ve done.

MCO bring Malaysian together

I know 2020 is such a tough year since Covid-19 begin. It took the whole nation to fight against this pandemic and here you are playing your role. We need to fully stay at home during Movement Control Order (MCO) for almost 3 months and we are doing better than most of the other countries in Southeast Asia.

During MCO, we were so mad if there was any individual who tried to break the rules. Malaysian were bashing them through social media and not forgetting to remind others to take extra precaution.

Public figures and celebrities create a good cause

To name a few, public figures such as Datuk Radzuan Radziwil and Vivy Yusof fully utilize their talents and influence to create a good cause. Datuk Radzuan, a big name in fashion industry stitch and supply PPE for frontliners while Vivy Yusof with her brand Fashion Valet create a crowd funding to help frontliners with their needed. They succeed to gain over RM 1 million of donation amount and it’s all because of Malaysian who made that happen.

You’re doing a good job too

Did you wear a mask? Did you apply hand sanitizer? Did you discipline yourself throughout the MCO by not going to crowded places if unnecessary? If you did all those things, you’ve done your role incredibly well. The result is today. We are finally getting back to our normal life but in new normal. That’s even enough for us to feel grateful. Could you imagine going through MCO again? I honestly can’t and I am sure you feel the same way as me.

To my fellow Malaysian, you are doing well. Keep that spirit and show to the world that we are great in togetherness though we living in a country with multi races. The differences we had will not stop us but it brings magic to humanity and peaceful Malaysia.

Happy Independence Day Malaysian! #malaysiaprihatin


Qasreena Mall Team

p/s : Have you raised your flag?